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As green as the first buds of leaves on the trees and the juiciest of apples, these Green Patinated Copper Handmade Metal Earrings will bring a splash of gorgeous color to your ensembles. The earrings can be worn with so many colors from vibrant warm hues like orange and yellow to cooler tones like blues and pinks to neutral shades like black and browns. Their simple teardrop shape will compliment many facial shapes, balancing a narrow forehead, softening a square jaw and lengthening a shorter profile.

Crafted by hand, theseĀ Green Patinated Copper Handmade Metal Earrings are genuine copper that has been carefully exposed to the air to create a natural green and aqua patina. The patination will vary from earring to earring as the process produces one of a kind results. A coating is used to seal the copper and prevent further turning, and the metal will never lose the green coloration, ensuring that the earrings will last a lifetime.

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