Bohemian fashion includes matrix of different colors, textures, patterns and fabrics that, when put together strategically, can produce an effortlessly stylish look. It’s eclectic and free spirited fashion. When done wrong it can easily look like a chaos, but when done right it becomes a beautiful chaos. Bohemian fashion is unconventional. It is one which fashion lovers from all around the world can adopt. Bohemian clothing is comfortable, free flowing and ethnic. Floral, tribal, geometrical and Moroccan prints can all be incorporated into a boho chic outfit. It is very nature inspired.

This is exactly why copper jewelry blends so smoothly in the jewelry collection of a girl with a bohemian fashion style. Copper, with its reddish brown shade, brings earthiness, and with its versatility, it brings freedom to an outfit. Here are some copper pieces that every girl with bohemian taste should have in her collection:


A boho chic look calls for earrings with eccentric patterns. The above pieces are not just beautiful but each of them has a personality of its own. They can be styled with maxi dresses, flowy skirts, layered tanks, and even off shoulder blouses. These earrings will artistically frame your face. Adorn these with a wavy half-braided updo for an angelic look. For a more rough, messy yet sexy look, wear these with loose fishtail or a 4 stranded braided.


When it comes to necklaces, opt for gorgeous pieces with exquisite stones and pearls. Mixing colors is what it’s all about. Long copper chain necklace works great for this purpose as it gives that open and loose look to an outfit. It elongates your body and brings an additional texture to the mix. This beautiful long chained necklace with a chased pattern is not only great on its own, but it also works amazingly well for layering purposes.


Bracelets and Cuffs

There cannot be a better place for a copper cuff bracelet than at a boh0-chic jewelry collection. With a bohemian look, when it comes to hands, it’s all about stacking bracelets. These copper cuffs acts as a strong foundation piece that will beautifully bring harmony to all the different colors and textures of bracelets. These will give that crazy arm party, more of a chic and cohesive look.

The hardest part about creating a perfect bohemian outfit is to make it all work together. When diverse prints and fabrics come together, it is easy to lose the chicness and create confusion instead. Copper jewelry solves that problem. It brings these beautiful assortments of different textures and colors and creates a masterpiece. It allows you to take fashion risk simply because it has a unique quality of being able to complement everything.

Copper jewelry is as important to a bohemian closet, like a smile is to a human. It brings unity and adds life.

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