A Ring Guaranteed to Make a Statement

Citrine, sometimes called citrine quartz or citrine topaz, is an amber-colored gemstone. They are among the most economical gems, many thanks to the longevity and accessibility of this golden quartz that varies from yellow in color, to varying hues of pale champagne, to lemon yellow, to almost vibrant orange madeira. This varying yellow shade comes from trace elements of iron.

All gemstones will be of higher value when they have greater clarity caused by fewer inclusions (blemishes noticeable in the stone), like this featured Sterling Silver Citrine Cocktail Ring (on the left). The gemstones clarity is associated with the quantity of these contaminations due to the fact that the more prevalent they are, the less light can pass through the stone, reducing quality proportionally.

Many citrine are found and mined with incredibly little inclusions and imperfections, so, they are mainly faceted and not made in to either cabochons or beads unless of very poor quality. And in this situation they would certainly be darned economical anyhow.

Excerpt from – 14 Carat Marquise Cut Citrine Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring…

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