Bronze Tree Branch Ring with Trillion Cut Citrin - MWR675-3 Handmade Jewelry by John S Brana

How to Shop for San Francisco Handmade Jewelry

Bronze Tree Branch Ring with Trillion Cut Citrine Handmade Jewelry by San Francisco jewelry designer John S Brana

Bronze Tree Branch Ring with Trillion Cut Citrine Handmade Jewelry by San Francisco jewelry designer John S Brana

Looking for a fantastic gift for that somebody special, or maybe even yourself? Have you thought-about hand crafted jewelry? There are many well-designed pieces of jewelry by hand-made craftsmen of San Francisco. There’ re a a number of factors you need to take into account before you start shopping for that fantastic gift. To start off, you ought to think about what their tastes are like when it comes to fashion and jewelry. One more point you may want to consider is whether or not the receiver dons more silver or gold? Get signs as to preferences from an existing jewelry collection. This will make certain that your present will be well received, since it will fit exceptionally well within their present jewelry collection. Another selection would be to see what they have most of and try to pair a complimentary item. As an example, if they have tons of yellow gold earrings, but not that many bracelets, you might want to try a hand-made gold cuff or a gold bangle bracelet as a present.

You will find that true handmade jewelry is typically not identical to other pieces of the same design. Even an untrained eye can spot differences in patterning or decoration made by hand-chasing or hammering. This is what makes handmade jewelry unique. Examine each individual component; you can often clearly see how they are attached and constructed.

Apple Green Patinated Copper Disc Earrings - MWE-55C - John S Brana Handmade Earrings

Apple Green Patinated Copper Disc Earrings – MWE-55C – John S Brana Handmade Earrings

Machine-made jewelry typically looks more rigid and uniform. Solder joints are usually done by arc or laser welders and frequently less durable than hand-soldered joints. Some handmade, traditional-style jewelry appears less perfect than machine-made jewelry, although high quality handmade jewelry should nonetheless be made to last, and this should be apparent in the details. You might find this sup rising, but more often than not, manufactured jewelry has a higher probability of breaking as compared to handmade. Many department stores sell “handmade jewelry” labels, but this doesn’t necessarily mean high quality. Many of these “handmade” pieces are actually hand-assembled pieces that are composed of mass-produced components (findings) and are quickly assembled by hand. Mass-production facilities typically require artisans to meet efficiency quotas that result in poorly made jewelry, made with cheaper materials — even if it is technically made by hand. Look for handmade jewelry that is not mass-produced — not available in large quantities. High quality San Francisco handmade jewelry often has an artisan’s name and reputation proudly attached to the finished product. The careful observer will always be able to appreciate the uniqueness and quality of a handmade piece of jewelry. With handmade artisan jewelry, quality and uniqueness are typically are apparent to even the most casual observer.

Handmade jewelry gives the pleasure of unique, often rare designs, which are not-identical, typically made by a true artist, with great love and passion. Unique one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry is an art form in and of itself. This uniqueness is evident in not only the design process, but also in the finished piece. Mass-produced items simply have less soul. One’s personalized style, taste, individuality, and identity is often conveyed by and is better reflected by wearing jewelry which is handmade. If you purchase mass-produced, your “look” will look mass-produced! Regardless, mass-produced jewelry usually brings with it no special meaning or history — no story, no life. When’s the last time you told a story about that one pair of earrings you bought from your favorite San Francisco department store ( you know, the one’s picked from twenty identical pairs)? Probably never. With handmade jewelry, it’s a pleasure to be able to tell admirers the story behind what you are wearing. Simply put, handmade jewelry is a joy to wear!

Hand-made Jewelry Through the Ages

Over the millennia, jewelry trends and materials have evolved in step with the advances of civilization Styles and designs have transformed and modernized, and then often return to their most basic forms and elements. Men and women have decorated themselves with hand-made jewelry since well before the age of reason. Garlands of flowers, bracelets of woven grass, shells, and stone; such were the first adornments to beautify our bodies. We might have been wearing jewelry as far back as 75,000 years ago — 30,000 years earlier than previously believed — based on an interesting report by National Geographic News.

Today, jewelry is primarily machine made, allowing manufacturers to create uniform jewelry designs much more economically than traditional hand crafting and hand-casting techniques allow. CAD/CAM design and high-volume casting machines allow many San Francisco jewelry manufacturers to efficiently turn designs into uniform molds and onto finished jewelry with speed and uniformity. Mechanical forges and punch presses are also used by San Francisco jewelry manufacturers to produce simulated “handmade” effects and patterning like a hammered or chased appearance, ensuring that production is both consist ant and highly profitable.

Copper Tear Drop Handmade Earrings with Turquoise Patina handmade in San Francisco

Copper Tear Drop Handmade Earrings with Turquoise Patina handmade in San Francisco

Over the last decade, handmade jewelry has become quite sought after. The jewelry industry has seen a resurgence of demand for handmade jewelry due to a great perceived value of being unique and one-of-a-kind. Many San Francisco jewelry designers are seeing increased interest by consumers for their unique skills and talents. it is not uncommon these days to see your favorite major department store or art gallery devote retail space to designer handmade jewelry. With the advent and spread of the Internet as a sales tool worldwide, many international jewelry artisans, even located in remote regions, are also enjoying the benefits of direct sales to distant customers.

You Always Want to Choose Quality over Quantity when buying Handmade Jewelry

Always choose quality over quantity every time when shopping for handmade jewelry. If you are comparison shopping, don’t get suckered in to thinking a larger piece is a better value if the quality isn’t equal to smaller sized jewelry that is better made. Always go for quality! Speaking of price, those on a budget simply need to remember that good handmade jewelry is not always expensive. Remember that in the end, like many things in life, quality usually wins out, and this is especially true with handmade jewelry.

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