2014 Bracelet Trends – Metal Cuffs

Aluminum Metal Cuff with Linen Surface

Aluminum Metal Cuff with Linen Surface

When it concerns bracelets, two different types of cuffs have been on-trend for the last few seasons. The extra-wide gold and silver cuff has actually been used as a statement item on runways in Milan, New York, Tokyo, and Paris, and the and natural leather cuff has actually been just as popular. The Linen Texturized Aluminum Metal Cuff (picutred on the left) combines these two stylish looks together into one elegant wide cuff bracelet that you could use for any type of event.

Aluminum cuff bracelets are definitely in style today as they’re in keeping with the trend of sporting incredibly large pieces of jewelry. These cuffs can be worn through laid-back or semi-formal occasions. Aluminum cuffs could also be encrusted with pearls or gems, or texturized with contemporary modern designs (such as the featured cuff).

Due to the downturn in the economy, aluminum bracelets have actually become preferred among fashionistas not simply in United States but around the globe. They are most cost-effective, in addition to being impressive.   They look extremely appealing when on the wrist. As compared with gold bracelets, they are cheaper and even more inexpensive for individuals with tight budgets.

As a matter of fact, wearing these type of bracelets makes a woman look elegant and classy yet fashionable and playful. The charm of a contemporary aluminum cuff  has actually touched virtually every heart. Therefore, a myriad of new designs and designers have actually come into the market to fill the increasing desire of jewelry lovers in all corners of the world.

Excerpt from:  When it comes to bracelets, two different types of cuffs have been on-trend for…

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